Premium PAP Teeth Whitening Strips I 7 Strips I New Formula

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At Home, Sensitivity Free, For All. 

The Only UK Teeth Whitening Brand Backed by 30 Years' Dental Expertise With Our Dental Partners Smileright at Boots

PAP Teeth Whitening Strips - Mint Flavoured - New Formula

Our Premium Teeth Whitening Strips have been re-launched with a new formula that uses the peroxide free ingredient known as PAP.

Our new 7 day course of teeth whitening strips has been designed with the ultimate convenience in mind, to deliver results after just one use, with no sensitivity, and a fresh minty taste that leaves your mouth feeling clean. 

The PAP formula has been clinically proven in independent clinical trials and hashown results of up to 5 shades whiter. 

UK & EU Approved. Vegan Friendly. Peroxide Free. 

Key Ingredients

Glycerin, PVP, PAP, Menthol

What's Included?

  • 7 x Teeth Whitening Strip Sachets (2 Strips In Each Sachet) 
  • Directions of use

How Our Teeth Whitening Strips Work

Perfect for using on the go when travelling, or in the comfort of home before bedtime for 15-30 minutes for 7 days. 

  1. Brush your teeth for two minutes then dry your teeth. If you are looking for a sustainable toothbrush, try our Bamboo Toothbrushes. If you are looking for a deeper clean, try our Sonic Smile Electric Toothbrush
  2. Open the sachet to reveal 2 whitening strips (7 sachets in the pack).
  3. Place lower strop (smaller strip) first on your lower visible teeth, then place the upper strip firmly on your top visible teeth.
  4. Keep strips on for 15-30 mins. Avoid eating or drinking after (best used before bedtime)
  5. Brush teeth to remove any left over residue.
  6. Use until desired results achieved. 14 uses available in pack.

Watch the video below on how to apply our Premium Teeth Whitening Strips.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Arianne Stone

I like these. I have very sensitive teeth and low enamel. I haven't been able to find a whitening system that doesn't hurt my teeth until I came across these. I use the strips once or twice a week (just cause my teeth will eventually become sensitive) but even so, I have yet to experience that. My teeth are 3 shades whiter and I've only used 4 strips thus far. I am very happy with my current result and can't wait to see the final.


This product does exactly what it says.

Danielle Finlay
I highly recommend

Okay, so I love these things. They are great for whitening and honestly, it’s not rocket science. But one thing I think you should know is for your teeth to whiten with these do not drink anything for 30 minutes because it will take the residue off. Also, you have to have completely dry teeth before you put the strips on, that’s it. I highly recommend these for whitening.


Love these whitening strips, best ones I've used. This is my second time using these and now my teenage daughter is also using them with me. We love them!


The best thing about it is, clean teeth with no pain!