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A. Teeth Whitening Kit

Will SmileTime’s teeth whitening products make my teeth sensitive?

Are SmileTime products safe to use?

How do I use the SmileTime teeth whitening kit?

How long will my teeth whitening results last?

Can I use the kit if I have a retainer?

Can I use the kit with braces?

Does the teeth whitening kit whiten my caps or veneers?

Where is the ideal place to store my gels?

Is the LED light waterproof?

B. Gel Refills

What are Gel Refills?

How many applications do I get out of each pack?

How much gel do I use?

C. SmileTime Subscription

What is your subscription service?

Can I change the frequency of my payments or products?

How do I register my account?

How do I cancel my account?

D. Orders and Shipping

Where do you ship to?

What are your shipping services and timeframes?

How do I track my order?

Will I need to pay customs?

What is your returns policy?