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No Difference

Have been using this for a few weeks and haven’t seen any difference at all.

Easy to use and definitely has lightened my teeth. I’ll be buying it again in a month or so to see if it will whiten my teeth even further.

Delivered on time and does what it says on the packet.

Great product and especially for the price, very easy to use. I didn't see a difference on the first application but I did notice a difference on the second and third use. I will buy it again.

Ok, so does take a bit to start seeing the whiteness but I've got the toothpaste so I top up with that. Makes teeth feel clean. Good for sensitive teeth and also

Very good and is working on my teeth!

I like these. I have very sensitive teeth and low enamel. I haven't been able to find a whitening system that doesn't hurt my teeth until I came across these. I use the strips once or twice a week (just cause my teeth will eventually become sensitive) but even so, I have yet to experience that. My teeth are 3 shades whiter and I've only used 4 strips thus far. I am very happy with my current result and can't wait to see the final.

This product does exactly what it says.

I highly recommend

Okay, so I love these things. They are great for whitening and honestly, it’s not rocket science. But one thing I think you should know is for your teeth to whiten with these do not drink anything for 30 minutes because it will take the residue off. Also, you have to have completely dry teeth before you put the strips on, that’s it. I highly recommend these for whitening.

Love these whitening strips, best ones I've used. This is my second time using these and now my teenage daughter is also using them with me. We love them!

The best thing about it is, clean teeth with no pain!

They made my teeth so white without hurting my enamel. Bought twice already

I love this product. My teeth are sensitive and this works great for me. I’m a coffee drinker as well and I love how lighter my teeth look afterward. I highly recommend it.

This product meets its description. Thumbs up.

Did not deliver

I have always used either syringes of gel from my dentist, or Crest White Strips. I thought I would treat myself to this product and bought the 'Premium Whitening Kit'. I used it as per instructions but it made no difference whatsoever to my teeth. I wrote a review on TrustPilot, but no feedback at all from SmileTime, hence my review here. I feel it is very important to show all honest reviews. £50 for this kit was very overpriced for no results and all I can imagine is the cost of marketing and packaging as per usual is being charged to the customer. Perhaps if they could reduce the packaging which in my opinion is too large for the contents, then that might be more environmentally friendly. My teeth are good and have always responded to other whitening products so even more of a reason to post this. £50 is a lot of money to waste.

Amazing !!!

After trying multiple different teeth whitened I came across these products and thought I’d give it a try not expecting much of a result :/ … I used the day and night tooth whitening toothpaste/powder and then did my 6 day course with the led light! And I must say I’m extremely impressed and just re ordered some more refills :D I have very sensitive teeth and didn’t get a tooth ache once while using the products which is a blessing! Finally something that works :D picture below is 6 day difference :)

Did nothing :(

Really confused by all the reviews! I followed the instructions exactly and used 6 consecutive days but it made absolutely no difference at all! My teeth are not terrible, just needed slight whitening but this did not work for me. Very disappointed

Very easy to use and smart. Quite convenient too, I don't mind watching YouTube or reading a book while waiting the 15 minutes as it's something I'd be doing once a day for 6 days anyway. And the results have shown. I'm happy with it.

This product works well once you use it for 6 consecutive days easy to use.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Julianna Scott

This kit is the first time I’ve ever used it, and even though I’ve only used it for about 6 days I’ve already received many compliments from friends and family saying how much whiter my teeth appear. I have noticed a brighter shade to my teeth! Will definitely keep using and have already recommended to many around me!

Teeth Whitening Kit
Robert Howard

I've used this for 3 days so far in a row and wow the difference! Can't wait to use the remaining 3 treatments 😄 There is no sensitivity as you are whitening, or afterward which is a huge win.

This is awesome! It came quickly and I am very happy with the results!

Very easy to use and convenient

I started off having yellow teeth and couldn't figure out how to make my teeth whiter. But after using this product I started to see fast results! Very easy to use and convenient.

I am very satisfied with this purchase. Tried to use it for 15-30 minutes and it gives me remarkable results after 4 sessions. I really love my smile now!

Very easy to use, and I really feel my teeth turning white, I will continue to use it and recommend this product to my friends.