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Okay ish

Couldn’t see any big difference. Quite disappointing

The whole kit is good for the price. I saw reviews about peoples lights stopping working after a while but mine seems to be fine atm, just don't get the battery compartment wet and you should be okay :)

Was easy and quick to use! Saw results fairly quickly!

Product seems to be working. I am happy.

For this price you can't beat it. It definitely works!

Honestly a great product, I truly saw a change in my teeth whiteness.

Very good product. Whitens teeth perfectly and I didn't experience sensitive teeth, but then again I took it slow. I loved it so much that I bought one for my mother-in-law and sister- in- law.

I’m very happy with this teeth whitening kit. It’s easy to use, comfortable to wear and my teeth are brighter after just a few days of use.

The kit is simple to use. It is effective and I highly recommend it.

Awesome product! I saw results after 1 application but after the 2nd or 3rd application you could REALLY see a major improvement. I highly recommend SmileTime!

Very easy to use with immediate results.

Great SmileTime product. easy to use and it works. results are extremely noticeable

Good product , easy to use, affordable and I can tell the difference.

Product is very easy to use. Teeth already look whiter with 3 treatments.

I really recommend this product. It has produced good results so far and I can really see a difference in the whiteness of my teeth.

Used a few times already and noticed an improvement. Light and easy to use.

Saw results after the first treatment, but even better results after about a week. Great product from SmileTime, which I'd recommend. Easy to use and convenient!

I loved this Teeth Whitening Kit it whitened my teeth first treatment I recommend

Im so excited for my whitening kit can wait to share the results.

Whitening a slow but it work

Just got it today, and tried and and it does really work, highly recommend.

SmileTime Teeth Whitening Kit comes with every thing you need to whiten your teeth! Great value!

While I tried various teeth whitening kits, which I think were pretty similar across the board, I see SmileTime’s teeth whitening kit is different in a sense that it gives more whitener gels for the same cost.

Nice complete kit, after several sessions you see the results!

Didn't expect this to work but it definitely lightens your teeth a shade or two. No sensitivity.