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I have really enjoyed using it. The light in my LED device went out for some reason (unrelated to the batteries). Smile time was kind enough to send me another LED device for FREE. They had great customer service. I've really seen a difference in my smile with this product, which is why I've vouched for this company so much and have already convinced two other friends to purchase one. Highly recommend this method of teeth whitening!

This has given me better results than the annoying and expensive treatment I had done at the dentist. I am 62, so I don't expect perfectly white teeth but this has done an excellent job and I've only done 4 treatments. This is definitely easy to use and so far I love it.

SmileTime works far better than any tooth whitener I’ve tried. I was a little skeptical but gave it a try after reading the positive reviews. I’m really happy with the results, as my teeth were visibly whiter after the first 15 minute use.

Overall I'm pleased with this product. I have VERY sensitive teeth (cold wind on my teeth can be uncomfortable) so I'm always nervous about sensitivity. I've used this product 5x now with no pain.

After the first night using it, my husband noticed a difference and wanted to know what I did. Now I have to share. So far I’m on my second night using it and my husband says my teeth have never been so white and no sensitivity.

When I started using the product, I was seeing drastic improvements with each use until I got to a 5 shade. I continued to use the rest of the gel and managed to get to a 4 shade. My goal was a 3, which I admit is very optimistic.

Easy to use product and no sensitivity even at 20 minutes. Highly recommend for use in the privacy of your own home. My wife will using this product next.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. After the initial use, I experienced no sensitivity, so I will use again tonight and for the next 5 days, as the instructions say to do. I like it very much so far and am looking forward to having nice, white teeth!

This product is very good for whitening your teeth within few days. I recommend this whitening system with the LED device to maximise result.

My teeth are whiter after just 2 days of applying! This thing works great. I use it along with some charcoal toothpaste every night for 30 min in hopes of it working well together and so far so good.

Noticeable whitening obtained after only the first use! This product does not seem to irritate and make my teeth sensitive like other products have in the past. Thank you!

I have to say that I am actually enjoying this product! If you use it exactly according to the instructions, you will not have any issues. I didn’t have any irritation or sensitivity and I saw instant results. I’ve used the product 3 times so far and my teeth are whiter than before.

Does not cause sensitivity, works well after 4-5 use, you see a difference. Thank you Smile time you bring back my confidence to smile!

Works like a charm. I cannot believe I was going to pay hundreds of £ to have my teeth whitened. This product is worth every cent! After the first use I noticed a difference, after the second - a dramatic difference. I’m a daily coffee drinker so there was definitely some discoloration in my teeth. This stuff brought them back to life and they’re shining away. Going to continue to use as directed, so excited!!

It really works. If you were skeptical like me. You'll not be deceived. It really whiten my teeth. Really good value for the money. I've never seen my smile so white. Highly recommended!

I literally have yellow teeth. I believe it's off the charts but once I started using Smile time it works amazing!! I leave it on for almost 30mins just because on how yellow they are...I didn't see any results during the 1st 4 times I used it but after the 5th my teeth started getting whiter & whiter. I never smile on my photos & now I do! This products really works guys!! I didn't think it would work because of how bad my teeth were but this product WORKS!!!

I just did my first round and left it on 15 minutes. I’d say they’re maybe half a shade to a shade lighter but they aren’t sensitive at all.

Easy to use and EVEN BETTER, they do not cause any sensitivity to my teeth and every other whitening product I have used causes unbearable symptoms. So for Smile time to NOT cause any sensitivity problems is amazing and my teeth are looking pearly white after just a couple uses!

Product was easy to use. I notice a difference within a couple of days. Worked well. No sensitivity issues.

I'm only 3 days in and I can honestly say I see a difference. I'm very happy with this product so far. I haven't experienced any sensitivity, which is another plus for me. I think the way the mouth piece is made prevents me from having to taste the whitening gel...also a plus. Great purchase, I would buy it again and the price was amazing for what all comes in the kit.

Works well. Good for value. My teeth are getting whiter so I'm happy. I recommend using the mouth gard with the LED light.

If you stick to the system and use in daily for 6 days it really does work. I saw results after first use (nothing major, but definitely noticeable) . After my treatment the results were so good I got compliments on my teeth all the time! I considered getting my teeth professionally bleached until I came across this gem 💎 I’ve tried other brands as well but this brands tray, light, and gel formulation has given me the best results with no irritation to sensitive teeth & gums. Worth the money for sure

Smile time Teeth Whitening Gel did not cause me any discomfort at all. I actually left it on for longer than 15 minutes and still no irritation what so ever. I saw a difference in shading with the first treatment. Good product and I will be purchasing more.

This is very easy to use. Just 15-30 minutes for 6 days first and then monthly for maintenance. I noticed a huge difference in pictures! My husband also used this and he has had sensitive teeth for a few years and this did not affect the sensitivity. And his teeth are pearly white also! I highly recommended using this!

I really liked how easy and convenient it is to use. It’s my first time trying teeth whitening gel and so far I’m satisfied with the product.