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This product is amazing! After searching for a new teeth whitener after other failed products, I can say I found the one! I even had my husband to try it out and he was impressed as well. I will definitely purchase more and will recommend it to my family and friends!

I've had this product for about a week now. I have used it every other day, so far it worked great. No sensitivity felt at all. I has a fresh mint taste and smell to it. I will keep on using it for better results!

I bought this toothpaste for my boyfriend because his teeth were so yellow. What I like about this product is that it is all natural. I like the results I have seen it in only 3 days!

After using this product for almost 2 weeks now, I couldn't be more happier! This charcoal teeth whitener is a must! Not to mention the excellent customer service and fast shipping! 5 stars!

I had struggle with my teeth being yellow for a while but I was happy I got this charcoal toothpaste. This makes your smile brighter and it is exact as describe. In my opinion, it is worth trying!

I admit I was a bit skeptical to try this kind of product out, in fear that I wouldn't like it or if would not be effective at all. I was wrong. It left my teeth feeling very clean and fresh. Loving it, SmileTime!

All I can say it is a great product! Enough said!

After using it for the past five days, I'd like to say that I have seen the results fast! My thoughts, it is easy to use, easy to clean and leaves your mouth minty and fresh. SmileTime really did a great job with this product.

This product does the job, leaving your mouth feel fresher than traditional toothpaste. I love the minty smell of it.

I have hard yellow stains on my teeth from drinking 20 cups of coffee a day for the last 20 years. I tried all kinds of whiteners out there and got very little results. If you want a REAL teeth whitener, this is a must have!

I have bought just about every teeth whitening product on the market. I see a lot of advertisment , and this one is LEGIT! I was pleasantly surprised! It has a very pleasant taste, doesn't seem like you're using a charcoal at all! It spreads across the teeth very easily, unlike some other product I have used in the past. This is definitely a game changer!

I've been using this product 3 times now and can already tell the difference in the color of my teeth. Never had a single problem getting the black color off my teeth or mouth. I will definitely continue to use it and, for sure, recommend to others.

I finally had a chance to try out this product and I was pretty impressed after just 4 days, my teeth was whiter than before. I am a coffee lover and I say, I really love it!

It is my third time ordering this wonderful charcoal powder. It never fails.

I like how the product was easy to use. Plus, I bought it with a bamboo toothbrush so my normal one won't stain. It does what it is supposed to do. I love it! Thank you SmileTime!

I've been using this for a few days and noticed no sensitivity which is a plus unlike other whitening products out there.

I've been using this powder for a little over a week now and I have to say I LOVE IT SO FAR! You don't need a ton of powder to use it, so I would say it should last you a few months. I'm satisfied with the overall experience of it and would definitely recommend this powder. You won't regret it!

SmileTime's products are really worth the money. The price was affordable and it really works. Just use it as directed. I have noticed my teeth are slightly whiter. Overall, it's an excellent product!

I've been using this for a month now, and really noticed the difference. My teeth whitened in time. Great product, great over all service! Great job!

I lke that it works unlike other products that claim it works. I love SmileTime's product and would highly recommend it.

Oh my gosh! It’s wonderful! One time using it and my teeth are noticeably whiter! I surprised my daughter with this as a gift. She was very happy!

The package arrived in great condition and on time. My teeth give this product FIVE STARS!

Never thought that this product from SmileTime is awesome! I bought it with the toothbrush and the results were amazing. I really felt that my teeth was clean after using it!

I really like how clean this makes my teeth feel. I have sensitive teeth and this doesn’t bother them at all. Fast results, the shipping was fast and the customer support answered all of my queries, before, during and after my order. Great job, SmileTime! You make my smile more whiter!

I'm completely obsessed with this!!! My teeth felt so clean after using it. Hey, SmileTime! Great job!