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Teeth Whitening Kit
Lyndsay Prendergast
No different

Done it for the 6 consecutive days and followed the steps as you should and seen no difference before or after, don’t waste your money

Such a good teeth whitening set

Such a good product
I’ve received the bamboo toothbrush and activated charcoal powder. This is such a good combo and i love using it it’s super easy! I defiantly recommend my teeth feel so nice and looking naturally brighter already.

No change

Used the brightening pen daily for a week but showed no difference whatsoever on teeth shade. No brightening effect. Very disappointed considering paid full price for it. Waste of money.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Michael Davis
It's A Gimmick

Made no difference whatsoever.

The tray is very generic, doesn't really do much in terms of keeping the paste in contact. The whole kit couldn't cost more than a fiver to produce but by charging £40 it must be good - right?

Save your money, or don't. No refunds are given FYI.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Laura Forrester
Doesn’t work

Just used this for a week followed the instructions and no Difference at all total waste of money

Doesn't work

Terrible, comes in good packaging. But, the product does not work. I think alot of these positive reviews are fake

Teeth Whitening Kit
Maria Baditoiu
Optimistic but it does not work

I bought this on 30 Sept and have used all the gel- I'm gutted to say that it did not work! I really wanted it to work, but it doesn't.

Waste of money

None smoker with slight yellowing from coffee. No change in whiteness. Waste of money and left teeth sensitive if used more than once a day

I have sensitive gums and this pen didn’t affect them at all. Overall would recommend!

I've been using this charcoal kit for the last couple of days with zero complaints! Taste is good and it’s easy to use.

So effective, got rid of stains on my teeth after using it for 5 days, I would buy again.

My teeth brightened up after using this whitening kit for 6 days!! I’m going to continue using! Thank you Smiletime!

I really love the results it produced. I’m already a Smiletime customer for life!

I like that this strips are cheaper but more effective than other brands don’t leave my teeth feeling sensitive!

This products are affordable and all it took was 3 uses to notice a difference!

This premium top up set is a must have to a bright smile! This product brings back my confidence to show my smile.

Though i’ve only been using it for a couple days, i can already see a change. It feels like I'm really helping my teeth

This is the first teeth whitening I've tried that I did noticed a progress in just 4 days.

The Starter kit is very practical. Very easy to use and gives immediate results

I haven't completed the full 6 day treatment yet, but I'm definitely seeing a difference!

Good alternative to plastic toothbrushes. I really like them. Bristles are holding up well!

My family loves these brushes. Perfect for sensitive teeth and gums.

SmileTime Ultimate Teeth Whitening Set totally takes your whitening to the next level.

I’ve been using it for a week now and my fiancee noticed a definite difference! I love this product, they make it as easy and painless as it could possibly be.

This refill gels are great because I have sensitive teeth. I signed up for subscription monthly for top up