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Teeth Whitening Kit
Perrie Loughton

I was quite pleased with the end product. It's painless, simple, and easy to use, and it's well worth the money. To keep the result, I ordered refills.

This is a product that I would happily use again. Other whitening products make my teeth sensitive, but this does not! I like it, and you can notice results in a little more than 3-6 days!!

It's straightforward and simple to use. I've been using it for the past two days. I enjoy coffee and find it to be helpful. After 6 days, I'm looking for even better results!

I can honestly say that it works! I used it every day for six days and noticed a significant difference. I'm grateful I found this product for my dental care routine.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Sophie Barrow

My teeth are not only whiter but also brighter! Because of the change in my teeth, I convinced my mother, brother, and partner to purchase it.

After 6 days of use, I've noticed some differences compared to previously, and it doesn't hurt my teeth at all. I'm simply living my normal life while having better-looking teeth.


Made absolutely no difference at all, not even a bit!


Excellent tooth brush, and quiet.


The powder remained on the edge between the gum and the teeth very persistently, even after brushing, i had to brush really hard afterwards with normal toothpaste. My gums remained with like a blueish tint for the rest of the day. And then the basin is obviously going to be in a mess, but i thought with a normal rinse of water would just go away but it didn't, I had to get the bleach to get it out properly. I don't want to use it again. I had charcoal powders before with no problems. Disappointing.

The kit is simple to use and comes with clear, helpful instructions. My teeth are noticeably whiter as a result of using the product. In addition, the customer service is amazing. The company is happy to answer questions and provide any ongoing assistance that is required. I'm impressed!

What a fantastic find this teeth whitening kit is! I'm very conscious of my dental health, so knowing that none of the substances in the whitener would harm my teeth is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result!

This whitens effectively, and I was able to notice changes with each usage. However, even after the prescribed number of applications, the whitening fades quickly if you stop using it for a few days. It's a good product if you use it every day, but it's probably cheaper in the, in the long run, long run to get them whitened at the dentist. I also have an overbite and slightly crooked teeth, so the mouth guard caused my jaw hurt sometimes - if you don't have these difficulties, I'm sure it would be fine.

This product comes highly recommended by me. So far, the results have been positive, and I can notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I'm a regular tea drinker, so when I smile, I've become a little worried in recent years! I can now proudly flaunt a big smile!

I've only been using it for about a week, and even then it's been on and off due to my busy schedule, but after only two applications, it appears to have whitened my tea and coffee-stained teeth. I started with 30-minute applications after reading other reviews, and it appears to work... I'm confident that in another week, my teeth will be even whiter. It's an easy thing to use, however, I discovered that putting it straight to my teeth, rather than injecting it into the gym shield, was the best alternative something more that was mentioned in this thread

Teeth Whitening Kit
Ashley Robinson
Well disappointed

After buying after seeing on dragons den well what a shocking result no change and a experience for something that doesn't work will not be recommending afraid

It is effective, which is why everybody should get it. I saw a difference in the whitening of my teeth after five days of use. Other teeth whitening brands don't have the same effect like this one, so I believe that with constant usage, I will be able to get "beautiful white teeth." I've tried other brands, but this is the only one that genuinely works.

This was my first time using SmileTime's Ultimate Teeth Whitening Set, and I'm pleased! I've tried it four times already and have already noticed a difference, and I've already recommend it.

This product has been in my possession for over two weeks. I'm a regular coffee drinker, and I've noticed the coffee stains have lightened. I enjoy the taste of this solution, whether I use it in combination with toothpaste or on its own.

Teeth Whitening Kit
Peter Sinclair

In just six days, my teeth were whitened! It's highly practical, efficient, and simple to use! Thank you so much, SmileTime!

Ever since I got my braces off, discoloration has been my problem. That’s why I always smile without showing my teeth back then because I think it was a bit yellowish. That’s why I’m really happy I found the SmileTime whitening kit because it boosted my confidence. In just a week I now have whiter teeth. thank you so much for giving people the confidence to smile freely!

This stuff is amazing, and I plan on purchasing it again soon. It makes your teeth whiter than they've ever been, and I'd never complain about getting my teeth whiter with this wonderful product.

It was a lovely experience with no discomfort or irritation on my part. So far, I'm pleased with the results, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my teeth will shine even brighter in the following weeks.

This product left a lasting impression on me. It was simple to use, and I was really pleased with the outcomes. This ultimate set will save you a lot of money over having them professionally done.

The item was delivered on time and in excellent condition. It's simple to use after you get the hang of attaching the light unit to the mouthpiece. There are also three whitening gel syringes included. The only thing I'd like to know is how strong the whitening solution is. Overall, it provides good value for money.

This product is so simple to use that I assumed it was too cheap to work, but I was wrong. After only three uses, my teeth are noticeably brighter, it's not messy, and the flavor isn't overpowering.