Teeth Whitening Pen

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Teeth Whitening Pen

Our Teeth Whitening Pen has been designed to deliver results in just 1 minute, after one use, to whiten and brighten your smile. It is formulated with an advanced non-peroxide active whitening ingredient that whitens and brightens your teeth without any pain or sensitivity. 

Best used to top up your smile, for a brightening highlighter effect, just before a selfie or photo! If you have tougher red wine, coffee or tea stains, try our Teeth Whitening Kit which can whiten your teeth in 3-6 days!

UK approved. Vegan Friendly. 

How Our Teeth Whitening Pen Works 

1. Pull the cover off until you see the white brush.
2. Twist the handle 2-3 times until you see half a fingertip worth of pearly teeth whitening gel appear.
3. Smile wide and stroke the brush along the front and bottom visible teeth until a thin layer of the pearly white teeth whitening gel is on the front and bottom visible teeth.  
4. Allow the serum to dissolve naturally on your teeth. Don't eat, drink, or rinse for at least 20 minutes to allow it to work.


Our Teeth Whitening Pen is made to whiten your teeth on the go. Pocket & Purse Sized. No Sensitivity. UK Approved.

Whiten your smile on the go, on a date, before an interview, before a wedding or event.

Watch this video to see How To Use Our Teeth Whitening Pen.

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Customer Reviews

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I’ve never used a whitening pen before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I am pleasantly surprised! The taste is minty and very mild. I found the application process to be simple enough. I apply this to my teeth every morning before going to the office for 4 days and have noticed a difference in how my teeth look-the surface stains which made me hate my smile have lifted quite a bit! I will also say that my teeth and usually extremely sensitive and this product has not caused me any issue. I will continue to use and recommend it!


Purchased this item after reading reviews. Was very pleased and satisfied with this product. Have tried many teeth whiteners but this product works the best. I use mine at bed time and works thru the night. I will definitely purchase more. Flavor is good and does not hurt with sensitivity on teeth.


Pleasantly surprised! My teeth are usually too sensitive to handle whitening products. Smile time didn’t bother my teeth at all though. I used one entire pen to have noticeable results, using once a day. I have never whitened my teeth success before. I plan to continue using the product to keep my teeth white. Would recommend.


I’m very pleased with this product. First, I could see a difference after 2 uses. I’ve tried whitening strips multiple times but they always leave my teeth extremely sensitive. I’ve had zero sensitivity with this product. My husband just started using it a couple days ago and I can see the difference already. I am very satisfied!


I was surprisingly impressed by these whitening pens! I've used quite a few whitening products and I'm always pretty disappointed in the results. After one use of these whitening pen, my teeth were visibly whiter! It's not a one step miracle cure, but with repeated use my teeth are looking extra bright.